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Fly Fishing Alaska

For many folks, fishing Alaska means fly fishing. There's just something about swinging a wet fly across the nose of a pod of salmon or making that perfect dead drift into a waiting rainbow trout…

For an experienced fly fisherman in the right place at the right time it can be one of those ‘magic’ days where everything just seems to go right. You’ll be out with one of our “well seasoned” old pro’s in a well equipped drift boat on the Kenai or raft on a wilderness stream – you’re making short casts from the boat as we drift down river and hopping out on islands & gravel bars and in the little back channels to Walk & Stalk the small water.

You are welcome to bring your own rods but we have excellent equipment to loan out and each guide has one flyrod set up for trout, one fly rod set up for salmon for each guest and some spares.

One of the best things about fly fishing in Alaska is that you don’t need to be an expert fly fisherman.

Most of the casts are short and we have developed unique fly fishing techniques that let us teach even fly fishing amateurs the basics in just a few minutes. Think of it… your first time fly fishing and you are battling a fish after just a few casts! True you usually lose the first few. That is the second lesson in fly fishing – how to land them.

Some of our favorite streams for wetting a fly...

Fall trout fishing on the Kenai River

The Kenai is one of the top 5 trout streams for fly fishing in Alaska - so it is a world class flyfishing stream. Every year at least 1.5 million salmon come into the Kenai system and this type of situation is what makes for lots of trout and lots of big trout! Salmon eggs, salmon carcasses and baby salmon are all food for trout and the consistent year round source of good food is what makes small trout turn into big trout. In June the trout have just come off their spawning beds and are actively targeting salmon smolt as they head for the ocean.

Fly Fishing

There is a little hiatus as they move into the lakes to chase fry but once the salmon runs of mid July hit the banquet table is set in the river. Red and king salmon are getting caught by the thousands each day and all those eggs & carcasses are tossed into the river.

This continues through August as silvers join the reds & kings. Many of the early salmon are now spawning and we know where the redds are in the river… trout are staged just downstream… September lets us add flesh flies in addition to salmon egg imitations and if you have the courage, October fishing is excellent as well.

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King Salmon on Lake Creek

This crystal clear stream is one of the great fly fishing rivers in Alaska. Small and easily waded you are sometimes able to ‘sight fish’ for huge king salmon. Lake Creek has the second largest kings in Alaska behind the Kenai so every year we hook fish in the 50 to 60 pound class… Miles of fun whitewater and fly fishing for King Salmon with Mt. McKinley framed upstream – that’s what makes Lake Creek one of our favorite rivers in Alaska.

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Silver Salmon on our fly out adventures

Small stream fly fishing with bears fishing around you. We take a small plane over to the West side of Cook Inlet to one of the streams in Lake Clark National Park to flyfish for silver salmon as they come in on the tide. Little clear water streams let us cast to pods of silvers laying in the soft water… we strip streamers across their noses and hoot and holler at the takes. The other big fun thing is to have a bear show up for some fishing too which often happens. We are prepared for this with a variety of deterrents in case someone gets interested in OUR fish.

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Fly fishing for Red Salmon in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

It’s not dry fly fishing but there is a lot of fun to be had casting to fish you can see – especially when they take off on a burning run followed by a mid air cartwheel that hands back many a fly. We stop along the river since reds come right along the shoreline as they migrate upriver.

The Refuge has the best structure on the river for ambushing red salmon and only 20 of us get to offer guided flyfishing trips in that area. Numerous islands, gravel bars and little back channels give us places to get out of the boat for what I like to call ‘Walk & Stalk Flyfishing”.

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